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Why You Need Homestead Protection
Homestead protection is an often overlooked but important way to protect some of the equity you have built up in your house. While it does not protect you from loans and debts against the home, such as a mortgage, homestead protection can delay or prevent the forced sale of your house to pay off creditors or to pay for a legal judgment against you.
In some jurisdictions a homestead is automatically provided at the time you purchase your house, but in many areas you will need to file with your state and will remain unprotected until you do.
Homestead protection has varying levels that will depend on your individual circumstances. It will be at least $75,000 if you occupy the home alone and at least $100,000 if there is another family member living with you who does not own any portion of the house. If you are 65 or older, disabled, or 55 or older and single with an income of less than $15,000, it will be at least $175,000. It will also be at least $170,000 for married couples with a joint income of $20,000 or less (as of February 2013).
The Document People Can File Your Homestead for You
Filing for a homestead is a good idea for any homeowner. We can help you prepare all the paperwork you need, and we will file it on your behalf with the County Recorder. All we need from you is the Grant Deed for your property, or the most recent recorded deed. If you’ve misplaced or lost your deed for any reason, we can pull the records for a small fee ($20).
If you’re ready to protect the equity in your home, simply contact us for pricing and additional information.