Great News for your new or established business! You can now join The Document People directory and see your business grow. In addition to our directory, we can provide you with all the materials and training you need to successfully get your document preparation business up and running.

What we offer is a turnkey service and materials package that includes, for an affordable initial fee:

  • All the materials (questionnaires, overviews, etc.) created to gather the information needed to prepare the documents, including fillable digital questionnaires;
  • Hundreds of templates for documents of all sorts;
  • Trademark License of The Document People name and logo, which allows you to use The Document People name for one physical location of your business and for your website, if you choose to (it’s fine with us if you decide to keep your current name);
  • Templates to create marketing materials (business cards, brochures, posters, window banners, etc.);
  • In person meetings with our staff, an in an actual store; you’ll be able to learn how to interact with customers, how to explain the services you offer, how to answer the most common questions, in a nutshell, a priceless real life experience that will guarantee your success;

And, on an ongoing basis, and for a small monthly fee:

  • Your business’ listing on our website, which allows customers to contact you directly;
  • All the inquiries generated from our website in your area;

We believe that this is the best offer out there when it comes to joining an existing legal document preparation group.

Let’s talk.

Call us at 818.704.9395 or drop us an e-mail: info@documentpeople.net