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Get an Inexpensive Divorce without a Lawyer

Divorce filing can be an emotionally and financially draining experience, and disentangling the life you built with your former spouse is never easy. In addition to all the issues involved in dividing your property, you may also need to worry about childcare, living arrangements, and the difficulties of starting over.

If you are getting a divorce, you owe it to yourself to make the process as simple and painless as you can. The many legal issues that surround divorce can feel overwhelming, and the perception that every divorce is a legal nightmare hasn’t been helped by its dramatic portrayal on television and in the media. Expensive divorce lawyers are counting on this assumption and want you to believe that no couple can handle the process on their own.

An Uncontested Divorce Is Easier and More Cost-Effective

But there is a simpler, less-complicated, and cost-effective way to handle your divorce without a lawyer. If you and your spouse are on friendly terms, or can at least negotiate how to split up your property and handle issues related to your children, then you can pursue an “uncontested divorce.”

Uncontested divorce agreements are the least expensive way to dissolve your marriage and avoid the huge costs of hiring lawyers. This can enable you to quickly get back on your feet and to put that money towards your new life. Uncontested divorces are also more private, lowering your stress levels and helping both of you move on.

Save on the Cost of an Attorney with The Document People

With our help, most people pursuing an uncontested divorce can easily obtain one without having to go before a judge. We will prepare all the divorce documents for you and file only what you need, when you need it, and will keep you out of those long lines at the courthouse.

In fact, most of our customers never even have to go to court at all! We will complete all of the necessary steps in your case, and we get the great majority of cases settled before the six months and one day waiting period has passed (Check out our LEARNING CORNER on the sidebar to the right). Prices may vary depending on your situation, but they will be a fraction of what you would be forced to spend on a divorce lawyer.

Get started on your new life with an inexpensive divorce!

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We are truly the best option when it comes to divorces:

  • We often come across people who have tried to do it themselves: they prepare the initial petition, fill out everything the clerk hands them and have the false satisfaction of feeling like they are accomplishing something. That only last until it’s time to file the final paperwork: that’s where 99% of people get stuck. And rejection after rejection, they get more and more frustrated with the process, and finally hire us to finish what was started sometimes years before.
  • Same goes for people who use online-only services. The only difference is that they pay hundreds of dollars to have software fill out the forms. The result is the same: they also hit the wall of the finals.
  • Let us assist you in your uncontested divorce case. We have handled literally THOUSANDS of cases this past year — we clearly know how to prepare the paperwork and word the settlement agreement between the spouses in a way that will be approved by the court. And you’ll agree that our fees are extremely competitive.

The 6 months and 1 day

“waiting period”

Some of our customers are genuinely surprised that it takes that long in California to be divorced. It doesn’t matter whether you are in agreement, have no minor children, nor assets. It’s still 6 months and one day from the day the respondent is served.

In the good old days (pre-pandemic), we used to be able to get the final judgment back from the court in 2-3 months, and we were typically able to “beat” the deadline of the 6 months — our customers even if not legally divorced just yet, knew that the paperwork had been processed and approved already.

Because of the increased time it takes the court to review cases, even if we file the final paperwork packet (”the finals”) as soon as possible, we can no longer guarantee that you’ll be divorced right when the 6 months and 1 day have passed.

You’ll be divorced as soon as the judge signs off on your paperwork, assuming the 6 months and one day have elapsed.